Jose Miguel PovedaProduct Manager - Internet, Peering, Interconexiones InterNexa

    Electronic Engineer and Specialist in
    Telecommunications, responsible of the
    Connectivity Product Line at InterNexa, with
    experience in Interconnections, Peering
    Negotiation with ISP, OTTs, CDN, Transit Providers
    and IXP. Deep market knowledge of the Internet
    and Transport products in South America including
    local Operators & ISP, IXP, Pricing and Local Market
    scheme focus in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru,
    Chile, and Argentina.
    Experience in Telecom projects from their design to
    the final delivery, including relationship with
    colleagues of different areas inside the company
    (purchase, NOC, financial), third party Carriers,
    Telco Rooms and Data Center providers.
    I’m known for being a friendly person, responsible,
    fast learning and passionate worker fully focused
    on objectives.
    Available to business travels and relocation.